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We specialize in business and productivity Apps, enabling you to do more on your Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices!
Design beautiful dynamic emails with hyperlink hotspots. Available for iPad and Mac. Perfect for party invitations, newsletters and marketing campaigns.
Drag and drop designer for creating web forms and feedback surveys. Publish PHP forms to any web host via FTP file transfer. Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Drag and drop designer for creating amazing auction listings. Beautiful fonts, hyperlinks and unlimited # of photos. Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android.
Creative software for the rest of us. Design professional looking graphic documents such as org charts, flyers, greetings and more. Available for iPad and Mac.
Touch based drag and drop web designer for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android. Integrated with Dropbox, sync and design on both your mobile devices and Mac.
Featured Apps from the Aidaluu Product Suite:
Recipe manager for all your delicious recipes. Unique drag and drop mode allows you to be fully creative with recipe designs, bonus web publishing features make it super simple to share with friends and online followers!