Touch Forms Classic
Requires Mac OS 10.7 and up
$9.99 US
Touch Forms allows you to build beautiful web forms with an intuitive drag and drop designer, publish to your own web host through built-in FTP uploader.

Creating web forms are made super easy with Touch Forms. Featuring a unique drag and drop form editor, you can easily build a form with question fields, paragraphs, multiple choices and even useful check boxes. Publish forms by uploading to your own website or export PDF copies to be shared over email.

- Custom Forms for Your Website
Build a variety of forms such as surveys, contact forms, customer feedback forms, event registrations and even product ordering forms

- Receive responses instantly via email
Form responses are emailed to you in a professionally formatted email including form questions and the visitor's response. You may specify different response emails for each form

- Integrates Seamlessly with Your Website
This App allows you to design and upload forms to your website through the built in FTP uploader. If you web design with the HTML Egg app, you will be able to import your existing website theme directly into Touch Forms.

- Design and Update On the Go!
You may design and update your forms offline, internet connection is only required when you are ready to publish.

- Email Forms in PDF
If you do not wish to publish forms online, you may also generate a PDF copy of the form to be shared through email

- Kick Start Your Design with Built in Templates
Start your design from a blank canvas or use any of the built in templates. This App is bundled with templates that cover all types of common business and personal website needs.

- Built in Anti-SPAM
Define mandatory form fields, email verification fields and bot checker widgets. Customize message for form submission feedback, missing field response and user alert messages.

- WYSIWYG Editor
- Drag and drop to add Text Fields, Paragraph Boxes, Photos, Multiple choice buttons, Check boxes and Submit button, Submit Button, Email Verification Fields and Bot Checker Widget
- Also available for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini (iOS Edition sold separately)
- Built in FTP upload. Support regular FTP, SFTP and FTPS
- Support form export to PDF format
- Form response delivered via email. Supports option to specify multiple email recipients
- Define mandatory form fields. Customize message for form submission feedback and missing field response
- Define auto-forward website addresses for directing users after form submissions
- Natively integrated with the HTML Egg App, supports direct imports of website themes
- Supports direct import of compatible forms
- Supports beautiful web fonts
- Supports hundreds of colors and shades
- Supports full fledged editing with features such as undo/redo and snap to grid